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In the world of business, there is usually one company in every industry that stands out above all others, respected by peers as the leader and regarded as the very best available anywhere.

In the radon industry, the #1 company in America is:

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"Saving Lives One House At A Time"

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 #1 Radon Company In America

And Much More!


Our dedicated franchise owners are the most highly trained, highly skilled and best equipped radon specialists in America. We pioneered the industry over 20 years ago and remain the leading authority in the United States.

In addition to our superior radon testing and mitigation services, our franchisees are fully trained and equipped to provide any of the following environmental and building science services they choose to provide:

  Certified Home Inspections

  Certified Mold Inspections

  Certified Indoor Air Quality/Environmental Inspections

  Certified Energy Inspections

If you would like to make the best career choice of your life, let us train you to be the most highly sought after and most respected professional in your area.

Join our exclusive family of Certified Environmental & Building Science Specialists and enjoy the type of work and income you can be proud of.

We have work waiting. Your community needs you now.

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Special incentives apply for specific areas. Call for details.


__ The Key To Success Is Training __

Professional House Doctors, Inc. knows what it takes to be successful and a complete background in all fields of environmental and building science is essential. In other words, if you dont know everything about how a structure operates, you shouldnt be operating on the structure. 

Our franchise owners are provided with the most advanced specialized training program ever developed. All aspects of environmental and building sciences are covered in complete detail. Once weve established this very important knowledge base, we move on to advanced training in our exclusive methods of radon testing and mitigation, diagnostics, system design and system installation allowing you to successfully mitigate any type of structure regardless of age, size, type, location or degree of difficulty. 

Our training program combines classroom with hands on. Hear it see it do it. Then do it again until your skill level is perfect. We also provide training in every aspect of proper business management specifically tailored for our unique industry. Proven patterns and proven techniques equal proven results, every time. 

Professional House Doctors, Inc. is the oldest, most experienced, most respected and most successful radon company in the United States. We have built a reputation for being the very best, always being able to correct radon problems when others have failed and the key is training.

__ The Key To Success Is Marketing __

Most people make the mistake of assuming that radon can be marketed like other goods and services but the radon industry is unique and so are the marketing methods needed to be successful. Professional House Doctors, Inc. has invested over 20 years and the equivalent of several lottery winnings on market development so that you dont have to. Our franchise owners benefit by spending less money marketing and more time going about the business of Saving Lives One House At A Time . 

__ But The Real Key To Success Is... __

A myth. There are hundreds of keys to success and you need to know as many as possible if you want to succeed in our industry. Marketing, sales, customer service, referrals, experience, business management, record keeping, proper equipment and tools, diagnostic capabilities, construction details, patterns, methods and procedures just to name a few.

 Join our organization and youll have more keys than the head custodian but unlike him, all of ours are properly marked so that youll know which one goes where. 

   Your Franchise Fee Includes 

  The best training program available anywhere, covering every aspect of owning and operating the most respected and most successful company in your area.

  Custom Marketing Materials. Start out making a great first impression with business cards, brochures, letterheads, envelopes, invoices, hand outs, forms and scripts all professionally printed and designed just for you, provided before you leave training.

  Pre-approved Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Worker Protection Plans customized for you.

  Confidential Franchise Manual containing over 250 pages of trade secrets, scripts, marketing materials, patterns, procedures, record keeping, office materials, mailers, ad sheets, monthly reports, inventory control, client promotional materials and much more.

  Exclusive territory, co-op advertising, in-house equipment calibration, continued training courses and CEU's.

  Continuous radon monitor with printer, instantaneous radon monitor for grab and sniffer measurements, pressure and flow equipment for advanced diagnostics, 100 free radon test kits for grand opening promotion, radon fans, couplers, and gauges, miscellaneous mitigation equipment and supplies plus much more.

  Free loaner program for equipment not needed on a daily basis including measurement devices for radon in water, solids and progeny, alpha, beta, gamma counters, blower doors, flow hoods, combustion analyzers, carbon monoxide and dioxide monitors and much, much more plus training on how to use them all. 

  24 hour support, 7 days a week. And a reputation that can't be beat.

  Low Monthly Franchise Fees - 6% of gross (Min. $150) plus 2% for co-op advertising.

__  You Provide  __

  Honesty, integrity, above average communication skills and intelligence. A strong desire to save lives and help families with their environmental and building science problems. The desire to learn every aspect relating to our chosen fields of expertise. A lifelong commitment to be the very best.

   Initial Investment 

In addition to the $9,800 franchise fee, vehicle and equipment costs, other expenses will be incurred. They vary dependent upon many factors not limited to market size, length of training, competition and how closely you follow our established methods and procedures.

Estimates are as follows:

Travel for Initial Training $500 - $1500
Computer, Fax, Phone, etc. $1,000 - $2,500
Insurance Costs $200 - $1,800
Business Licenses $100 - $500
Legal Fees $200 - $500
Stationery & Supplies $300 - $1,000
Grand Opening Marketing $1,000 - $2,000
Working Capital $1,500 - $5,000

    Want To Proceed? 

Step 1 - Make a list of any questions you have and phone us Mon-Fri 9AM to 5PM. We will be happy to go over any questions you have. 515-265-6667.

Step 2 - Complete the application and mail, fax or e-mail it to our corporate office - Professional House Doctors, Inc. - 1406 E. 14th Street - Des Moines, IA 50316 - FAX 515-278-2070.

Step 3 - Schedule a convenient time to come to our office in Des Moines, Iowa. There you'll receive our UFOC documents and a copy of the franchise agreement. You'll also get to see some of the specialized equipment we use, our brochures, patterns, marketing materials and much more.

To Be The Best - Join The Best

Call Today!


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